Marie Lamothe
Paintings 2014

About Marie

Big Bird, Little Bird; gouache on paper

 For more than a decade, Marie has been studying the secrets of wildflowers that bloom around Northern Michigan.  From the first flush of bloodroot to the final triumph of asters, she produces extensive on-site studies and sketches which form the basis of an imagery she then works with in the studio.  In the winter, when the plants are dormant, she, too, gathers her resources and settles in to create larger, more complex paintings that strive to balance freshness and vitality with a sense of simplicity and serenity.

Now, after years of botanical introspection, other aspects of the natural world have found their way into her work including, most notably, birds as well as landscapes and waterscapes.

As a prolific, self-taught artist from rural Quebec with a degree in architecture, she has been working with transparent watercolours and traditional techniques.  More recently, she has turned to opaque watercolours and various substrates to convey new ideas and new impressions.

As an expression of her belief in the process of art and the value of craft and work, she has made a commitment to sell only original works of art.  The painting in hand honours the individuality of every living thing and is the ultimate expression of all the paintings that preceeded it.  In the end, it is about joy.

Recently, she was selected for inclusion in the upcoming book Splash 15:  Creative Solutions featuring some of America's best watercolorists.  She is represented exclusively by Bier Art Gallery in Charlevoix and shows throughout the state in the summer.

"I make art so that I might step into a vista that is always of the moment.  These are the images I invite you to consider."

Show Schedule Summer 2014

Please check back be announced.

Oriole Couple, watercolour on paper
Goldfinches, watercolour on paper
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